November Showcase Results!

After pulling data from 514 critique cards from November’s Songwriter Showcase, we have arrived at some interesting conclusions.

#1:  Our songwriters averaged 7.05. This is very positive feedback. I’ll be interested to see how this average changes overtime as the audience expects more from our songs, and equally, as songwriters improve our writing and performance.

#2:  Dan Heidt, Eric Ahlteen, and Matt Brent were our #1, #2, and #3 winners.  Each exceeded an average song rating of 7.6 and also had the most 10s and 9s out of the group. Feedback on their cards was consistently high-positive.  Congratulations guys!

#3:   CSA’s showcases are valuable for learning.  You’ll soon receive 25-30 personal critique cards.  They’ll tell you a story about who your audience was on November 11, 2012.  They also draw a reasonable picture of how this particular audience and demographic perceived you and your songs.  This is very useful information we encourage you to learn from, manipulate, and try to control over future showcases.

#4:  The greatest learning, development, and growth will be experienced by songwriters who have the most “volatile” averages.  If you consistently place in the top, you may not be learning much.  I implore you:  The worst thing you could do is perform the same songs that you did at a previous showcase.  The second worst thing you could do is only perform songs that others have told you are amazing.  Try things!  Perform new songs that others have never heard!  Take risks!  Truly, the goal of these showcases is not to have the best average critique.  Instead, do whatever it takes to learn, grow, and develop!


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