December Songwriter Showcase

We have put together our most ideal imaginings of what the ultimate open mic would be.  On December 9th at 7PM, Columbus Songwriters Association will host its second Songwriters Showcase.

The Songwriter Showcase will look a little different to everyone:

For songwriters, you’ll step through the Scarlet and Grey doors and arrive at a music atmosphere that will immediately engage you, invite you to smile, connect, and form relationships with a room full of songwriters. Throughout the night, you’ll receive the honest feedback from an audience that you’ve always wanted.  Drink specials will  get you thinking and feeling creative, as you’ll be encouraged to co-write with other songwriters off-stage.  At the end of the night, you’ll take away valuable insights, newfound friendships with other like-minded songwriters, and a revitalized passion that will last you until next month’s showcase.

For the audience:  Your friends and family will meet you at Scarlet and Grey and as you are all quickly immersed in the music culture around you.  You may notice the diversity of people in the room, the guitars along the walls, the arts all around.  As the night goes on, you’ll find yourself curiously swept up by the passions of the songwriters around you.  Even though you may have never written a song in your life, you’ll feel delighted that your opinions and insights are encouraged.  If all goes well, you may leave with a lasting impression about songwriters in Columbus, eager to tell your friends about the experience you discovered in Columbus!

For me, I’ll be working behind the scenes throughout the night to help all of this come to life.  CSA is a dream coming true, and I’m looking forward to communing with you all on December 9 at Scarlet and Gray Cafe, 7PM!

Facebook Event: Please Confirm and Invite Friends!

Members:  Sign Up to Perform at CSA’s December Songwriter Showcase!

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