December Showcase Results

The December Songwriter Showcase in December was a hit.  We collected 461 song critiques for the 9 songwriters who performed.

#1:  CSA averaged 6.97 in December. This is positive, though slightly lower than the 7.05 average in November.  My sense is that our audience is becoming more selective before shelling out 8 and 9 ratings.  In order to maintain our average near 7, CSA songwriters must be writing and bringing new songs to the stage.

CSA December Showcase Averages

December Showcase Averages

#2:  Top 3:  Dan Heidt, Matt Brent, and Joey Hendrickson.  Each exceeded an average song rating of 7.7, led with the most 9s and 10s in the group, and also had very detailed and very positive feedback.  Dan won for the second time in a row, with an average of 8.65 in the December Songwriter Showcase.  Matt took 2nd place in December, previously placing 3rd in November.  We’ll see if Dan and Matt can make it to the Top 3 again in our January Songwriter Showcase.  Who will put a stop to these madmen?

#3:  More critiques Per Songwriter.  While compiling data, we noticed that songwriters who performed both in November and December showcases received more critiques in our December Showcase than in November.  This is interesting because we only had about half the audience in December that we did back in November.  What this means is, the critique process is becoming more efficient, or the audience is becoming more motivated to critique.  Either way, this is definitely a sign that we’re doing something right.

More Critiques Per Songwriter in December Showcase

December Critique Amount

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