January Showcase Results

Columbus Songwriters Association’s January Songwriter Showcase was our largest one yet!  14 songwriters performed, and nearly 150 audience members completed 467 cards and digital critiques.  The results?

#1:  CSA averaged 7.35 in January. This is our highest group average yet!  The talent it really growing at CSA as new songwriters are joining our community, and our veterans are keeping the quality coming.  Congratulations to everyone involved!

Showcase Averages

#2:  Top 3:  Matt Brent, Joey Hendrickson, and Sarah Overdier.  This showcase was a close one!  After taking into consideration all digital critiques in additional to physical cards, Matt Brent placed 1st with an 8.35 average rating, 18 tens, 11 nines, and the most high-quality written feedback.  Joey Hendrickson placed second with an 8.46 average rating and 12 tens.  Sarah Overdier placed 3rd with an 8.35 rating and 11 tens.  To reiterate how close this was- John Morgan had an average of 8.28 for 4th place with 9 tens, while Dan Heidt had an average 8.23 for 5th with 7 tens.  Learn more about how we determine the winners.

#3:  Who captured the attention of the room?  Our critique cards seem to help us understand which songwriter captured the “most attention” from the audience during the night, based on the total points each songwriter received, relative to the number of critique cards submitted.  The statistics seem consistent in many ways:  1)  Songwriters who left early in the night tended to be noticed less.  2)  Females in CSA tend to stand out.  3)  Songwriters who had more friends/guests in the audience tended to be noticed more.  Note: “Room Attention” does not seem to indicate a benefit to a songwriter’s rating, however, it may point out a songwriters’ overall level of impression on the audience.

Room Attention

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