Donatos Songwriting Competition

50th Ann SongwritingComp

Donatos Pizza has announced a local songwriting contest to commemorate their 50th Anniversary!

The details:  Leave Your Mark by writing the winning song for Donatos Pizza’s 50th Anniversary.

  • Timing: Need all entries by March 22 to allow for production time for May 27 launch
  • Tonality:  Be story-telling more than promotional.  Upbeat, rock, alternative, indie, pop, country, feel-good and celebratory. Ideally incorporate Donatos heritage elements (1963, 50th, Jim Grote, etc.) and brand elements (Edge to Edge, 100 pieces, Goodwill, etc.).  Memorability is key!
  • Length:  2-3 minute song to allow for maximum flexibility and accommodate different time length needs if cut to play on radio, used in presentations, events, etc.
  • Grand Prize: Grand prize is $1000 (which buys unlimited rights and usage). The winner of the Donatos 50th Anniversary will also be invited to perform at Donato’s Water Fire event, which will be promoted to 50,000 local followers of Donatos.
  • Honorable Mention:  Everyone who submits gets a free Donatos Pizza.
  • Phrase ideas to include in a winning song:  “To Give a Good Thing.” “Edge to Edge.” “Toppings on Top.”  “Sharing Moments.”  “Difference is Delicious.” “Best on the Block.” We’re a Family.” “Make Your Day a Little Better.” “Goodwill.” “Sizzling Hot.” “50 Years Have Gone By.”

To submit:  Email your name, song title, lyrics and a demo/scratch recording to

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