March Showcase Results

CSA’s Songwriter Showcase at Woodlands Tavern on March 3rd was a hit!  Woodlands loved us.  With over 100 audience in attendance and more than 20 songwriters performing throughout the night, CSA is off to a great start at the new venue.

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It was exciting to see many new members taking the stage, and holding up to CSA historical standards.  With a group average of 7.07, it’s safe to say CSA is full of talented songwriters. Will Haynes took 1st place, with Isken Cosip in 2nd, and Sarah Overdier in 3rd.  Congratulations to our winners!  This was another very close night.  Honorable mention to Daniel Dye, who placed 4th in the March Showcase.

All of our songwriters received valuable feedback from the audience.  We have your cards! Make sure to pick them up at the April Showcase.  Also, you can request CSA to mail all your cards to your home address, through a link called “Mail Critique Cards” under “Events”

Our Top Critics for the March Showcase:

  • Tom Bauer – “Review Addict” Award for the most reviews
  • Megan Buscemi – “Starry Eyed” Award for the most lengthy reviews
  • Maggie Headlee – “Calligrapher” Award for the prettiest handwriting
  • Allyson Greenwalt – “Bad Medicine” Award for most on-point, constructive feedback

The next showcase is April 7th at 6PM at Woodlands Tavern!   RSVP on Facebook

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