Independence and Freedom

Recently, I’ve heard many stories of independent artists being asked to stay in one circle, one camp, one place.

You’re independent.  You own your music.  This ownership gives you options to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, sing, play, plant roots, or be as canvassing as you desire.  Your music is your freedom, and your freedom is your path. Your path is your right.  And no one can tell you what to do as long as you choose to embrace what it means to be independent.  At Columbus Songwriters Association, we’re here to make independence and freedom easier to keep:   Instead of merely choosing one way or another way, you can always have access to our resources, and then decide if you really need the other ways.

CSA was founded on the idea that a central pool of resources for songwriters would let everyone drink when thirsty.  You can even take water from this pool with you on your journey, if it helps.  We create tools and pioneer avenues towards value we believe will help songwriters.  We do this by linking with venues, organizations, and groups that we believe could benefit you.  We’re careful about who we link with.  We want to keep the water pure.  As members, you can choose to dip into the resource pool, or not.  It’s up to you.  But it will be there if you need it.

Off the top of my head, here’s 5 resources CSA provides:

Local Music Shelf – Local CD distribution at 10+ stores in Columbus
CSA Catalogue – List of songs we provide to publishers in LA and Nashville
Songwriter Showcase – Live audiences give feedback to songwriters
Partnerships – Discounted creative services that benefit songwriter needs
Education – Songwriter Circles, Workshops with Pro Songwriters, Publishing Documentary release TBA

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