You Have Permission

Last night, representatives of the music industry called the Columbus Songwriters Association a “community”

They didn’t spend any time talking about the stage, the lights, the walls.  They didn’t say how important the chairs were, or how tasty the beer was.  The judges noticed our people.  They noticed our energy.  They saw a community.


Maybe you’ve heard it before:  Community doesn’t just happen once each month in a building.  Community is a lifestyle approach that involves other people, through intentional relationships.

As 2014 emerges, I hope we will each consider our role in Columbus songwriting community.  Each member of CSA, and many songwriters who are not members of CSA, have a distinct role in this city.  What’s your role?  Often it will revolve around who you are.  Your strengths.  But most importantly, it will revolve around what you think is fun.

Taking a part in community doesn’t mean, “How can I volunteer at the next CSA event?” or “How can I help Joey or Derek?”  Instead, I encourage you all to link up and hang out with one another.  Schedule jams.  Make time to co-write.  Have coffee and muse. Record together.  Do whatever you would be doing for fun on your own time, and invite others to join you.

You have permission to let others take part in your world.  You even have permission to ask them to.  You have permission to be intentional.  You have permission to start poker nights, or open mics, or road trips, throw keggers, host listening parties, or anything else you want to do for fun– just don’t do it alone!  You have community now.

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