Kamal Moo: Music Attorney in Los Angeles

We’ve been hard at work on a documentary that gleans information from experts at the forefront of the music publishing industry in Los Angeles.  So far, the documentary has been a great source of connectivity for Columbus Songwriters Association.  To further CSA connectivity and education, we’ll be launching a Kick Starter to help us cover some production costs and expand our promotional reach.

In the meantime, we want to introduce to you to Kamal Moo.

Kamal Photo

Kamal is a music publishing attorney in Los Angeles who doubles as an artist manager for artists that have appeared on Ellen.  In the world of music publishing, Kamal has negotiated contracts for artists, and also advised artists who have found themselves in  sticky situations with publishers, management companies, and record labels.  In our documentary, Kamal stands in as our expert on terminology, explains the basic legal structure surrounding copyrights and licenses, and expounds upon the legal aspects of music publishing.

Documentary Release Date and Title TBA Soon!

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