2014 Projects

Columbus Songwriters Association has a lot happening as we enter 2014.

2014 Projects Graphic

CSA Finale Showcase – On December 1st, we brought music publishers to Columbus to hear top audience-voted songwriters of 2013 perform original songs. All songwriters amazed the panel of judges. Several songwriters received opportunities to perform in front of publishers in Nashville. This was just the start of a music publishing culture emerging in Columbus in 2014 and beyond.

Publishing Documentary – In 2013, CSA Film Crew ventured to Los Angeles to help songwriters in the Midwest see how music publishing really works. We interviewed Stephen Finfer from Arthouse Entertainment, as well as David Hirshland, VP of BMG Chrysalis, and President of the Independent Association of Music Publishers, to find out what’s relevant in music publishing today. From the start, we’ve believed CSA could be a bridge to the music publishing world. Through education about the music publishing world, we are drawing closer to that vision.

Local Music Shelf – In the meantime, Columbus is home to a local music distribution that iTunes could never touch.  A grassroots project called Local Music Shelf is uniting local musicians with local stores, while helping local songwriters and bands sell and promote their CDs to an everyday audience. To help local business see the value of local music, CSA provides members with a discount into the distribution. Is your CD distributed by Local Music Shelf?  The bigger the distribution grows, the greater the value will be for all involved. Email LocalMusicShelf@gmail.com to refer a songwriter, band, or store owner.

CSA Catalogue – With that, it’s time for CSA to gather songs into a catalogue, and pitch this catalogue to our friends in music cities outside of Columbus.  This catalogue may help local songwriters become noticed through exposure to the outside world.  We have the legal backing to help songwriters negotiate potential licensing or publishing deals for independent songs.  We believe that independent music is a valuable aspect of music publishing today, and we believe this catalogue could help foster the emerging music publishing culture in Columbus in 2014.

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