Where The Money Goes

We are now sending out membership renewals and we hope you’ll continue to support Columbus Songwriters Association in 2014.  We think it’s appropriate to remind all members that CSA is a non-profit model, centered around collective effort.

Rest assured, all of your volunteer involvement with CSA does not benefit Derek, myself, or anyone’s else’s pockets.  We’ve never taken a dime out of the organization.

Instead, CSA revenues are allocated into projects, that lead to promotional value, that leads to partnerships and opportunities, which create more value for songwriters than a 20-way split of the showcase would ever pay to one person.  Through your involvement, we’ve built a valuable machine that few cities could replicate.  I will soon create a visual to help our members understand how CSA has been a value multiplier for songwriters in Columbus.

In our current state, Columbus Songwriters Association is at the core of a value chain coming together in Columbus, Ohio to turn our city into a hub for independent music.  You’ll begin to hear about it more and more in 2014.  Exciting things are happening and we’re thankful for the support of talented songwriters in our city.

– Joey Hendrickson, Founder of Columbus Songwriters Association

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