CSA at Easton

On May 17th, 20 songwriters performed all around the indoor retail arena of Easton Town Center.

Easton 1

At first, shoppers were hesitant of the “songwriter flash mob”, and would stand and watch performers from a distance.

Crowd 3 brand 5

But as the afternoon went on, many shoppers formed crowds around the performers.

Crowd 1 Crowd 10

Some of the shoppers stopped to tip or have conversations with the songwriters.

Tip 1 tips

The performers accentuated the creative branding of the retail environment.

brand Brand 7 Pose 1 brand 2 Brand 6 songs 5

Many songs were sung.

Will Haynes Andrew Hebdo 1 songs 2 songs 3 songs 4

New friends were made.

friends 2 Diversity Lunch friends 5 friends 3friends 4 friends 6 friends 7

Special thanks to The Harmony Project for making the “For You and Me” weekend at Easton come to life!

Harmony Project

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