Announcing CSA Intern: Hannah Peale

Name: Hannah Peale
Role: Public Relations


Tell us about you:

I am currently a junior, about to be senior, at Upper Arlington High School. I run track and play soccer there. I also take voice and piano lessons, and am planning to teach myself guitar this summer.

What advice would you give to beginners who are learning a new instrument for the first time?

Don’t quit. The most difficult part is at the beginning, when things just might not click right away. But if you don’t push through that, you will never get to experience the freedom and enjoyment of playing, which is something completely different than the struggles of learning.

What smart phone app do you use the most?


Least favorite subject in school?


Short-term goals?

After high school, I plan to move out West for college and study music management or some other form of business/music combination.

What local band do you think is most underrated?

Water Towers


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