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It’s been almost two years since Columbus Songwriters Association began.

We’ve come a long way. Hundreds of work hours have been spread among a few people, who’ve loved every minute of it. But now is the time to function as an organization that is truly for songwriters and by songwriters. This is your chance to get insights on the day-to-day. This is your chance to contribute to the month-to-month growth of the music community in Columbus. With your help, we’ll be able to do more than we dreamed.


18 CSA members have already joined a committee. If you’re interested, we’re just asking for a few hours of commitment each month, which will involve a monthly meeting with other songwriters. Together, we can make a sustainable impact on the Columbus music community.

(If you completed a committee form at the June Launch Party, no need to resubmit this form.)

Committee Details:

Events Committee:

Lead an events team through planning, coordinating, and administrative support.

Design Committee:

Contribute to the quality of CSA posts and brand through the creation of visual materials.

Fundraising Committee:

Previous non profit experience with grant writing and/or fundraising necessary for this role.


Lead a team to develop new value for CSA partners and CSA brand.

New Member (Welcome) Committee:

Lead a team that welcomes new members into the community through email or in person meetings. Educate and motivate new members on important happenings.

Public Relations:

Lead a team to extend CSA brand towards promotional platforms, mass media, and national publications.

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