CSA at Startup Storytellers

On Friday night, music and business came together in Columbus, unlike ever before.

Entrepreneurs shared the stage with songwriters. Both told their story, of how passion leads us to create something new and valuable for ourselves and others. Songwriters aren’t so different from entrepreneurs. Our songs are our way of impacting audiences. It’s just like an entrepreneur who creates a product to impact customers. We’re both creating, sometimes for different purposes, but sometimes for the same end goals. Either way, that creation process is strikingly similar.

On Friday night, people in the business and trep’ community learned what we know: Songwriters can live our passion like we mean business. We can use music to add value to our community. We can use music to impact lives, audiences, events, and commerce. We’re valuable to our city.

Relive it through the Instagram feed.
Highlights and video of the full event coming soon.

Special Thanks: David All (Founder, Civic Hacks), Falon Donohue (Lead, Startup Storytellers), Joey Hebdo (Hebdo), Eric Clemens, Dani Harness (Brave Weather), Lucas Gladman (Brigadier), Dan Mitchell (Mitchell Multimedia), CSA Board Members: Derek DuPont, Orion DiFranco, and Christopher Bosca.

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