CSA Showcase is back!

CSA Showcase Is Back!

We’re trying out a brand new room and stage at Notes, the newest music venue in downtown Columbus. And we’ve got some cool changes to our monthly event:

  • Showcase runs 3-5pm on Sunday, October 4th. This afternoon time is the perfect time to gather, so we can avoid those late nights before manic Mondays.
  • Notes will be helping promote our showcase so we can grow what we do.
  • The room at Notes is bigger, seats about 150 with tables and chairs.
  • The stage is wider. It’s the perfect setup for a 4-member group of songwriters.
  • The speakers at Notes deliver a state-of-the-art “surround sound” that will create an ideal listening room environment for our guests.
  • Songwriters will be able to stow guitars in the green room at Notes. We’ll avoid clutter, and groups will have an easy place to gear up before jumping on stage.
  • CSA Committee meet ups will be held in the VIP room at Notes. This is a private gathering space we’ll have access to before the event.

Other cool things:

  • Notes has an incredible, chef-prepared menu complete with flat breads, $6 mac n’ cheese, and other shareable dishes.
  • Above Notes is a highly regarded comfort food restaurant, currently open for dinner hours. In the future, their lunch crowd may venture downstairs to discover our unique event, and become supporters of the Columbus songwriting culture.
  • Notes is booking opening acts for some of their weekday shows. bringing our showcase to this venue may lead to more gigs and opportunities for our members.


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