Sign Up For CSA Showcases

2017 is going to be a big year!

CSA showcases are staying at Notes this year. Why? 10 easy reasons.

1. Downtown location
2. Great bar, stage, lights, audio
3. Chef-prepared food
4. Free use of back line instruments and keyboards
5. Free parking lot
6. They support and promote local bands and musicians
7. Notes is offering us a billboard downtown this year
8. They put on an awesome fundraising event for us in 2016, just because!
9. Their management and staff are inspired by us
10. Our songwriters dig them back

Also, we made a pretty big change to the CSA Showcase Sign Up page. We want you to write so many new songs, take all the big risks at your performances this year, and be able to prepare for them way ahead of time. So, you can now sign up for showcases way ahead of time! Check it out.

Plan responsibly – We want to hear all your new songs this year, but we don’t want our hearts broken by no-shows. We also want to make sure there’s room for everyone!

Another big announcement coming soon.

– Joey
Co-Founder, Columbus Songwriters Association

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