Drive-In Concerts

Members: Thanks for following along through all of this.

We’ve been working hard during the pandemic to create paid opportunities for full-time songwriters in Columbus.

We want to offer you 50% off (save $30-35) to the Chris Jamison Drive-In Concert tomorrow night at North High Brewing’s production facility at 1125 Cleveland Avenue.

Chris was one of the first members of Columbus Songwriters Association who went on The Voice in 2014 and nearly won it. He performed with Adam Levine and still writes and records with many producers in the world of Maroon 5 and Pharrell Williams. He’ll be performing a singer-songwriter style set on a stage we’re creating from scratch, through our benefit project The Hidden Drive-In.

If you’re curious how drive-in concerts look and feel, or if they could become an opportunity for you, this concert with Chris will be the perfect time to check it out.

PS. Announcements about how we’re restyling our monthly songwriter showcases — coming soon.

– Joey Hendrickson
CSA Founder

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