Invitation: Comeback Show at The Parlor

Due to social distancing best practices, it’s been a while since we’ve shared the stage or had a strong gathering of friends, artists, and writers together. In lieu of recent events that are paving way for greater support and inclusive legislation for house concerts in Ohio, there’s a private ‘comeback show’ celebration this Saturday at The Parlor.

Will Freed, a long time CSA member and touring songwriter, will lead the night, accompanied by Tony McClung from Popgun and Hoo Doo Soul Band. Together, they’ll present music by The Beatles and some of Will’s original songs in the cozy downtown house concert space. This is the comeback show many of us have been fighting for and we want to share the night with our songwriters.

If you’re a long time supporter of Columbus Songwriters Association or a recent member who has contributed dues in the last year or so, we want to find a way to reserve seats for you to enjoy this night of music. As we look to rebuild community in 2022, we’re considering new pop-events, showcases, house concerts, and songwriters circles. We’d love to meet up with active members.

If you’d like to join us at the comeback celebration at The Parlor this Saturday, email

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