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Columbus Songwriters Association has become the largest songwriter organization in the Midwest. We were founded by Joey Hendrickson, Derek DuPont, and a passionate group of 25 songwriters at a coffee shop on October 21, 2012. Today, over 400 songwriters have joined and we operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charity. Learn how to support our growth.


To empower the lives of Ohio songwriters.


We cannot succeed alone. Through collaboration between music community, city, and commerce, we help build the music scene in Central, Ohio by creating real opportunities for local songwriters. Through education and events, we help songwriters and independent artists in Columbus be relevant amidst the changes in the music industry. We create support and opportunities that help songwriters get paid. We believe in Columbus as the cultural and economic destination for new growth in songwriting and independent music.


Our programs use songwriting to support the value of music in our city. Through CSA Songwriter Showcases, 20 songwriters perform together each month. Audiences provide nearly 15,000 song critiques to local songwriters each year. Our Finale Showcase attracts music publishers, hit songwriters, music supervisors, and producers to hear local songwriters. How To Build A Music City attracts music industry to Columbus that helps to develop the value of music community in Columbus through teaching, advocacy, and city support. We host Songwriter Circles and Home Groups that help songwriters connect and write together. We’ve created educational media like Music Publishing In The Wild West, which helps to educate songwriters in Columbus and beyond about the changing music industry. CSA has partnered with music venuesrecording studiosproduction companieslocal storesmusic festivals, and other organizations to provide paid opportunities for songwriters. Our network empowers local songwriters to keep creating. Recently, we’ve focused our innovation on a busking technology called “Lamp Amp” and are inviting neighborhoods and cities to get involved.


CSA has organized performances for major festivals like Central Ohio Folk Music FestivalFashion Meets Music FestivalOktoberfest ColumbusOld Hilliard FestIndependents Day, and other community events like For You & Me at Easton Town CenterEaston Farmers Market, and MADE Local Marketplace. Our members are involved with the Columbus Arts Festival, ComFest, Independents Day, and many other events in the city including Donatos Pizza‘s weekly performances.


Email us: ColumbusSongwritersAssociation@gmail.com
Follow us on Twitter: @CbusSongwriters
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColumbusSongwritersAssociation

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Are you open to any genre? We are an original hard rock band in Columbus and we write our own songs. We were thinking your organization might be a good outlet for our song writing ideas.

    Tony Logan
    Murnane Tribe

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