Congrats to Carole Walker and Tell Collective for the “Burn” Music Video Release!

Part of being a member of CSA for many years is the joy if seeing songwriters grow, develop, and rise — through new songs, new projects, and career growth as part-time and full-time creators.

At the 2018 CSA Finale Showcase, Bob Egle, the Film Director of Tell Collective, selected 1 of 20 songwriters to film and produce a commercial-grade music video from scratch. To the merriment and awe of many, Bob selected Carole Walker’s “Burn” and immediately got to work on the production details. This video was a collaborative effort by Carole, Tell Collective, and several other venues and small businesses downtown (shout out to the Short North Alliance) who collaborated together to make the film crew, music, and setting come together. Bob added his magic to the film and story, and Carole’s song truly shines bright in this passionate love story set in downtown Columbus!

Performance Opportunity

Attention: The Short North Alliance seeks buskers, performing arts groups, musicians and other artists to submit proposals to perform in Modulation, a temporary public art performance program which will occur throughout the Short North Arts District in 2018 and 2019. The application is due on March 30!

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It’s finally here!

5 years ago we began CSA with the vision of building community, partnerships, and networks to empower songwriters in Columbus, Ohio. At the end of each year, we celebrate and showcase our growth through showcased performances by audience-selected songwriters!

And in 2017, with over 50 new members, 170 paid gigs, 220 new songs written and showcased throughout the year, and several national-level opportunities and festival performances made possible through the efforts of our board members and partners… we really have something to celebrate!

Did you know: In 2017, CSA’s community recently inspired the launch of the Ozark Regional Songwriters Association? Our organization also contributed to helping members be selected for performances at The New Albany Classic, Live N’ Local, Notes, Donatos, Skully’s, Independents Day Music Festival, Skully’s, Columbus Arts Festival, Fashion Meets Music Festival, The Power of Music Festival (Arkansas), and more.

Members: Use your password to get 100% off tickets to our Finale Showcase at SKULLY’S on Sunday, December 3rd. 5pm. We’ll have lots of room this year for a beautiful party surrounded by music and friends. Let’s make this a night of community and cheer on our friends who will be receiving feedback on their original works.

In terms of rewards, this year, a dozen songwriters will be invited to perform in the 2nd annual Power of Music Festival (redeveloped and fueled by many new partners). Songwriters will also receive gifts by our showcase partners at Donatos and Hugo Bosca. And… we’ve got a crazy cool mystery reward that we’re finalizing the details on.


TONIGHT: Get Your Songs into TV & Film


Last minute! Kyle Merkley, a rising music supervisor from Toronto is in Columbus for the Columbus Music Commission’s workshop on music licensing. Kyle is looking for new music for his catalog and accepting your singles/albums tonight!

7-9PM at Notes. All who register get a lifetime membership to Musicians’ Desk Reference ($500 value)