Meeting: How To Build A Music City

Thanks to all who came to How To Build A Music City on June 25. Thank you for building with us. Based on responses, 96% of us believe that a music commission will add value to Columbus. It’s time for action.

Next Monday at 6pm, we’re forming volunteer teams around the Top 5 programs that have been voted up by our community. Our teams will meet and talk with music city experts in small groups at our next How To Build A Music City (September 20th) at Independents Day Music Festival. If you want to build up the music scene in Columbus, this is the perfect time to get involved.

Monday, 6pm at August 31st.
Groove U, 1300 Forsythe Ave, Columbus, OH 43201
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The Making of A Music City

Written By: Jason Turner
Photos By: Dan Mitchell

Increasingly, Columbus, Ohio, is finding itself at or near the top of the list in terms of national rankings. Be it shopping (No. 4), sexual satisfaction (No. 3), or intelligence (No. 1), Columbus is consistently being recognized as a national leader. But where does it rank as a music city?

Chances are, if you’re not from here you’re probably not aware of the talent-rich music scene in Columbus, but there is a growing number of artists, musicians and entrepreneurs who are intent on changing that.

On June 25, more than 150 Columbus artists and city leaders gathered at the Garden Theater in the Short North for the second annual “How To Build A Music City” event, hosted by the Columbus Songwriters Association (CSA). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss local music and explore new ways to grow and support it.


Experts from around the country and within the community spoke to a room full of students, creatives and Columbus advocates, on topics ranging from music licensing to best practices, networking and the impact of local music on the city. Continue reading “The Making of A Music City”

Performance Opportunity


Gateway Film Center is looking for one songwriter to perform before the Amy Winehouse documentary this Friday, from 620-720pm. Sound provided. Payment: $50 in movie passes and gift card to the Torpedo Room. Music loving audiences will be passing through the lobby as the film ends and the next one begins.

Update: Gateway Film Center selected Micah Gunn for this performance opportunity. Please follow this website to be the first to receive information about future opportunities.

CSA July Showcase

Members: Remember to Sign Up for the CSA July Showcase this Sunday, July 5th!

This is your chance to get feedback from audiences on your newest songs, and perform to place in our Finale Showcase where we bring in music industry experts to hear our top, audience-selected songwriters perform. CSA July Showcase will begin at 6PM at King Avenue 5. We’ll see you there!

How To Build A Music City: Scholarship

CSA Members:

We were able to raise support to create a scholarship fund for musicians and songwriters who want to attend How To Build A Music City, Round 2 for free.

Thanks to the support of Experience Columbus, The Greater Columbus Arts Council, Baker and Associates Insurance Agency, Bell Tree Productions, and Fashion Meets Music Festival, you can now apply to to get a free ticket for tonight’s event. Scholarship opportunities close at 4PM tonight!

Seating will be very limited (we’re already at capacity) so free tickets for musicians are limited to one per musician, and only up to 50 free tickets are made available.

– Joey Hendrickson
Founder of Columbus Songwriters Association

How To Build A Music City

CSA presents How To Build A Music City, Round 2.
When: June 25, 530-8pm. (We’re working on an After Party, too.)
Where: Garden Theatre in the Short North.

Simply put, we’ve worked really hard to put this on. How To Build A Music City features 4 music industry experts from cities like Nashville and New York and 10 local leaders in music, arts, and commerce.

Why: Something special is happening. Songwriters, musicians, bands, and city champions are starting to work together to make music more valuable in Columbus. In the next year, we believe the City of Columbus will begin supporting local music unlike ever before. How To Build A Music City, Round 2 will showcase the heart of this movement.

This is the perfect event to get to know music industry experts who deal in artist management, publishing, and production for bands like Walk The Moon, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Justin Timberlake, and hundreds more like them. Bring your albums and demos. They’ll be much easier to talk to at How To Build A Music City than at a Billboard Conference, CMJ, or South by Southwest. Save yourself a plane ticket and claim your seat in Columbus!

How: We couldn’t put on How To Build A Music City without support from our Partners: Experience Columbus and the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Thanks to our Promotional Supporters: WCBE and CD1025. Also, thanks to our Sponsor: Bell Tree Productions. Our Supporters: Dickson Creative, Frettie, Groove U, Small Business Beanstalk, Local Music Shelf, Yelp Columbus.

Members Only: Launch Party

Launch Party

For the first time in our history, CSA is canceling our June Showcase and inviting members to a private Launch Party on May 31st!

There’s a lot happening in the Columbus music community. We want to devote an evening to sharing our vision. We’ll show you where we’re at, and where we’re headed.

To reserve seating, we’re sending this private invite to CSA Members, before we invite anyone else. If you’re a member, fill out the form below and we’ll send you more details.

Ticket Hook Up

CSA Founder, Joey Hendrickson, has been diving into Columbus’ jazz community, filling in as interim marketing director of Jazz Arts Group, and witnessing performances by the Columbus Jazz Orchestra and the many world class jazz musicians living in Columbus.

If you haven’t explored jazz music, there’s no better time. CSA members get a special deal on tickets to Jazz Arts Group’s finale concert, featuring multi grammy award winning composer, Maria Schneider. Showtimes are May 1-2 at 8PM, at the Southern Theatre.

To get the hook up, email us at with the subject “Ticket Hook Up” and we’ll send the code your way.

CSA at Startup Storytellers

On Friday night, music and business came together in Columbus, unlike ever before.

Entrepreneurs shared the stage with songwriters. Both told their story, of how passion leads us to create something new and valuable for ourselves and others. Songwriters aren’t so different from entrepreneurs. Our songs are our way of impacting audiences. It’s just like an entrepreneur who creates a product to impact customers. We’re both creating, sometimes for different purposes, but sometimes for the same end goals. Either way, that creation process is strikingly similar.

On Friday night, people in the business and trep’ community learned what we know: Songwriters can live our passion like we mean business. We can use music to add value to our community. We can use music to impact lives, audiences, events, and commerce. We’re valuable to our city.

Relive it through the Instagram feed.
Highlights and video of the full event coming soon.

Continue reading “CSA at Startup Storytellers”

Music Is Ketchup

If you let it be.

As founder of Columbus Songwriters Association, I come from a zealous camp of thinking. I’m from a tribe of independent songwriters that want to make a living on our music, without performing 50 states and 5 continents to do it. When you think about streaming, and the 10,000% less royalties that are paid through it than other forms of royalties, the future doesn’t look very green for the copyright holder. Artists may justify this due to the promotion it brings to their live shows. But if you take performance out of the formula, the “to stream, or not to stream” debacle is simple: Control the access to your music.

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