Trevor Arwood is a filmmaker currently living in Columbus, OH.

After graduating art school with a degree in Film Production and Video Editing, Trevor traveled the country for several years, documenting his experiences through his freelance production company, Tarwood Media. He released one video each day for an entire year in the 365 project. And in 2012, Trevor released his first documentary, “A Walk Across Arizona” that recounts a 2 month, 800 solo walk across the Arizona Trail. In 2013, CSA convinced Trevor to join us on a documentary of our own, “Music Publishing In The Wild West” which features interviews with artists and music publishing moguls in Los Angeles.

After taking visual lead for Spoonfeed, an organization that filmed and created media for musicians and artists, Trevor signed on as the Digital Marketing Assistant for CAPA. Through CAPA, Trevor currently leads videography and social media campaigns for hundreds of performances that come through Columbus theaters. His growing portfolio includes video interviews and creative features for some of the most cultured musicians, orchestras, and arts organizations in our city.