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  1. Comments: Hello, I heard about you through Brian jester and Matt brent. I love to write songs and Perform, and would appreciate your consideration in letting me be a part of your association. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Joey,
    I’ll be in Nashville this weekend, any chance you are streaming it or recording it for later viewing?

  3. looking for someone to help craft some alternate (humorous) lyrics to use with existing (commonly known, public domain) songs. Do any of your members contract out to help with this sort of thing? What are the going rates for this type of service?

    1. My name is Larry Wilson and I am a singer/song writer and Nashville recording artist . I would be interested in collaborating with you . My rates/terms are as follows: 100.00 per song I co-write on and copyright/registry of song must list me as co-wrter for purpose of royalties if song would go commercial or main stream distribution market .
      Thank you, Larry Wilson.

  4. My friend asked me why I wasn’t a member of this organization, I told her I’ve never heard of this group before. After learning more, I would like to know how to submit videos and become a working part of this organization. I’ve been writing for years. Always wanting to meet other artists as well as share my music with others.

  5. I don’t remember my date when dues are due. Or are they automatically renewed. Let me know so I can keep my membership active. Thanks!
    Ralph Leeseberg

    1. Hi Ralph, your dues should renew each year unless you want to cancel them. No need for action on your part! Thanks, Joey

  6. How do I pay my dues for CSA, which I know is due. Please let me know when you pull the money from my card? Thanks you

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