Our purpose if to create and support songwriter circles (home groups, seminars) with the goal of providing CSA members the opportunity to network, share their songs with other songwriters, obtain feedback through critiques, obtain craft and business education, and find co-writing partners. Secondarily,this committee should be available to help other committees which might wish to present a seminar or training session in their specific area (e.g.: maybe the video committee wanted to do a workshop on something in that area for their members).

At the core of CSA is the songwriter and his/her songs. Activities which help the songwriter write better quality songs and understand the business environment in which these songs exist, should contributes directly to the Mission.

Committee Membership

Yes. Writers are needed who would be willing to run a songwriter circle, home group, or seminar, who would be willing to find and prepare discussion material for educational activities, who would be willing to contact professionals and arrange seminars for purposes of exposing writers to the business, and who would be willing to lead critique sessions.


Ideally, we would like volunteers  who have attended  a songwriting seminar, who have some knowledge of the craft of songwriting, who have participated in the critique process, and who is comfortable talking to (negotiating with) a professional writer. That’s asking a lot, so realistically, a good volunteer would be someone interested in all of the above and willing to give it a try.

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