The Design Committee serves to visually communicate the purpose and values of CSA. Through graphics we continually brand CSA to the public, which supports recognition, conveys our message in a memorable way, creates clarity and helps connect with people emotionally. The Design Committee will be responsible for all new online graphics, promotional materials, event print materials and more!

The Design Committee will support CSA’s mission of establishing and increasing value for songwriters with successful branding techniques and visually pleasing graphics that contribute to the artistic nature of the association. We want songwriters to feel supported which includes helping them communicate visually and creating eye catching graphics that represent their DNA as an artist. A strong brand provides value to a business and designing graphics that are consistent and make a statement is an important element of that.


Will additional volunteers with experience in your committee area help you grow this committee and function? How?


Additional volunteers, especially with diverse experiences and talents, will make an important difference in the quality and range of graphics and materials. There are many different skills that contribute to a great design and the more people we have available the more projects we can take on and complete in a high quality and timely manner.

Artistic support is needed. Our need is in computer graphics, Adobe products and photo editing. Those who have an eye for design would be great to generate ideas and provide a fresh pair or eyes when making decisions. Drawers, painters and artists of all kinds are welcome and would be great to have to make posters and advertisements instead of only using print materials.

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