Membership Benefits

We provide members of Columbus Songwriter Association with many benefits.

New Members: Submit your music for review
Existing Members: Renew your membership

Songwriter Showcase

  • Ability to Perform in CSA Showcase
  • Free Entry for CSA Members
  • Song Critique by Live Audience
  • 1st Prize:  2 Hours Recording Time at John Schwab Studios
  • 1st and 2nd Prize: Perform in Finale Showcase for Music Industry Panel
  • NEW: 3rd Prize: Wildcard “Drawing” to Perform in Finale Showcase
  • Networking with Local Songwriters
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Photography during the Event
  • Video Feature Each Month

Finale Showcase

  • National Exposure to Music Industry Judges
  • Local Exposure to Music Leaders in Columbus
  • Annual Prizes
  • Audience and Judge Feedback
  • Promotion

Local Music Shelf

  • Discount for CSA Members
  • CD Sales and Physical Distribution at up to 50 Local Stores
  • Performance Opportunities

Songwriting Community

Partner Services



CSA Committees

  • NEW: Honorary Membership
  • NEW: Leadership Opportunities
  • NEW: Honorary Admission at CSA Workshops
  • NEW: Networking Opportunities

7 thoughts on “Membership Benefits

  1. I am a song writing hobbyist and home studio performer living in Pataskala. As of late, i have been concocting a steady stream of new material and am interested in feedback. I am looking forward to meeting other song writers and performers in the area.

  2. what are the dues? I’ve been around for a long time(73 years young). I wrote my first song at the age of 14. Got lots of stuff. Have 12 copyrighted songs, but I’ve never ventured into having them produced. I would love to join your organization. Please send me a reply.

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