“It’s pretty much like your favorite playlist mixed with an episode of VH1 Storytellers and a dash of whichever competition reality show you fancy. Also, it’s worth mentioning that all the ingredients are local and organic.” – Lucas Gladman

How It Works:

  • In 2020, CSA showcases will take place at The Parlor, 6-8pm, located near Dempsey’s Food & Spirits at 346 S. High Street.
  • Songwriters will arrive no later than 5:30pm, complete health safety protocols, and join a socially distanced waiting area.
  • Audiences will arrive no later than 5:45pm, complete health safety protocols, and be seated with socially distanced protocols.
  • Songwriters will be invited to the stage one by one, perform 2 songs in each round with an instrument of their choice, and be accompanied by up to one additional performer.


  • Members of CSA are welcome to submit to perform.
  • All songwriters must arrive by 530pm.
  • Each songwriter is asked to promote the showcase on your socials.
  • Songwriters need to prepare 4 original songs.


  • Last year, CSA created and/or booked more than 200 events in Columbus, Ohio. All songwriters will be considered for future gig and performance opportunities socially distanced places like The Parlor, The Hidden Drive-In, our restaurant partners at Donatos, and more!
  • In 2020, CSA will be sending invitations to our live streams to friends in the music industry. Music supervisors like Kyle Merkley, Ron Proulx, Jackie Shuman, hit-songwriters like Barbara Cloyd (Bluebird Cafe), Albhy Galuten (The Beegees, Eric Clapton), Maxwell Hughes (The Lumineers), Betsy Brumley (I’ll Fly Away Foundation), major concert producers like Scott Scovill (Center Staging), Erin Benjamin (Canada Music Live), and Kate Becker (Seattle Office of Music + Film), music producers like Christopher Tyng (Futurama), and friends from the UNSCO music cities network worldwide like Gillian McDaniel (Kingston, Jamaica), Tamara Kaminska (Warsaw Music Export), and many others will be invited to stop by our unique live streams!
  • Each songwriter showcase will be promoted to more than 10,000 of our followers in Central, Ohio.

5 thoughts on “Songwriter Showcase

  1. I like how you use Sara Castro’s song at the end of the video. Good exposure for her. She’s a great artist.

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