Apply to Join a Committee


Special events energize and unite, building commitment, support, and camaraderie. Our committee’s focus is both internal and external. Internally we want events to strengthen member involvement and interaction. Externally, we want to create an enjoyable experience for all attendees, increase awareness of CSA, and contribute to our local community.

This committee supports the CSA Mission to strengthen the value of songwriting and independent music in Columbus by providing opportunities for members to build relationships, publicly strengthen the CSA brand, and give back to the Columbus community. Events currently under consideration include a member appreciation party, a fundraising event, and a charity event.

Committee Involvement

Additional volunteers are definitely encouraged. Events take a lot of planning and hands-on work to run smoothly. The more people involved at the planning stage, the greater opportunity we’ll have to create an exceptional experience and make sure we’ve thought through all of the details. More hands are always welcome for set-up/tear-down (if necessary) too.


No experience or skill level required, just a willingness to pitch in and bring ideas to the table.

Committee Members

Tay Lane
Cliff Boggs
Craig Chambers