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4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. “Being a part of CSA has been absolutely critical in helping me grow as a musician. It’s like having an artist manager there for you 24/7 with a seemingly unending supply of resources. The community is supportive and the leadership is authentic. Because of CSA I’ve made great connections which have led to paid shows, paid songwriting opportunities and informative workshops. The Finale Showcase was unlike any performance I’d ever played. It was well attended with an attentive crowd, exposure to credible music industry professionals and a high energy fun atmosphere.” – Kyle Marler

  2. “Last year, I was hospitalized from brain surgery and stroke. Joey, Derek and other CSA members were there for me. During times when I was recovering the CSA was there cheering me on! There were times I wanted to just give up, but they wouldn’t let me. They sent encouraging texts and phone calls. They stuck it out with me more than my own family.

    I now have my first album out titled “Songs From A Troubled Soul” with 11 original songs that feature performances by some of the top musicians in bluegrass today. On Fathers Day, a new song I wrote in honor of my dad was played on 972 Bluegrass radio stations in the USA, Canada and New Zealand! Through support from the CSA, I’m currently planning my first tour across the United States. I can’t say enough about this fine community of songwriters and the leadership in CSA.” — Chuck Williams

  3. “Loved being ‘among the audience’, singing right to them, seeing their reactions, and interacting with them. Loved the informal atmosphere and ability to be real. Loved the opportunity to perform for folks that may not have otherwise heard my music. Also, I really liked that I was sharing the airwaves with so many other great songwriters; it really created a sense of camaraderie. Sharing this way made me feel like a real musician.” — Lisa Imondi

  4. “Many of us play shows late in the evening and on weekends, which can hinder attendance for shows in some cases. By having an afternoon performance, I was able to have family members and students come out (and even perform themselves!) The response from the patrons was very positive, and it was awesome to see so many kids engaged in the music!” — Dominique De Basio

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